1. Was there a light bulb moment that got you involved in jazz?

No, not really, I think it was a natural progression from my initial classical roots. I really just loved the idea of syncopated music the first piece of jazz that I played was Scott Joplin’s the entertainer which was written in 1902 it’s a fun playful Rag Time Jazz piece that made me want to explore more music like it and the rest is history.

2. What inspires you?

Sound definitely inspires me the sound of a voice, the sound of a hammer hitting a nail all the many sounds that we that we experience in our day to day certainly awakens emotions in me that can allow creativity to come out in anything I do.

3. What is the greatest challenge you’ve found working in the music business?

There are many challenges in this industry wow! Staying relevant in a time where the appreciation of live music is at an all time low and trying to pull your audience’s attention away from their mobile devices to name a couple.

4. What would you wish for in the next five years?

Oh I wish for many things world peace, end of famine, a cure for cancer, lower taxes… but if I kept my wish focused on music, I wish that people will start supporting live music venues again and parents will ensure that their children get a proper music education in their formative years to help with their growth and development I also wish that medical science will incorporate a greater usage of sound wave therapy in their practices when treating illness and disease.

5. What are your 3 favourite cities?

That’s a hard question every city has their charm but I would have to go with London, Dubai and Tokyo all cities that I’ve spent a significant amount of time in and never hesitate to return to.